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Bing chat powered by Microsoft GPT4 will soon have commercials ads

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Microsoft GPT4 stated on March 8 that Bing search has reached the coveted milestone of 100 million daily active users thanks in large part to the millions of users who had signed up for the new Bing’s preview. (AP)

In an effort to boost revenue, Microsoft's GPT-4-powered Bing Chat will begin displaying advertisements to users.

Bing conversation, powered by GPT-4 from Microsoft, is experimenting with showing advertising alongside search results. In contrast to conventional search results, the chatbot powered by generative AI provides responses that are more like those of a human.

Microsoft corporate vp Yusuf Mehdi stated in a blog post on Wednesday that the business is “exploring inserting advertising in the conversation encounter to distribute the advertising money with partnerships whose material contributed to the chat answer.”

Mehdi wrote, “The new Bing is assisting to better address people’s search requirements with innovative features like chat, responses, and content production. This highlights the need for advertising placement in the generative AI-based chatbot. Questions have been raised regarding the potential traffic implications for content publishers as a result of these novel encounters.

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The new Bing search advertisements were revealed by a user on Twitter. “Bing Chat now has Ads!” he remarked. It will be interesting to observe how search advertising will change as a result of the basic dynamics of Ads in linguistic models.

Users who may have trouble telling ads from search results in the future may fret about the placement of the advertisements. Additionally, big language model-based technology is susceptible to what is known as “hallucination,” which means the chatbot may occasionally invent things that are not true. Users may find it difficult to trust the chatbot if there are advertisements inserted between search results.
According to some reports published on Thursday, the new Bing may have had ads since it launched, but it’s conceivable that not all users had access to them.

Microsoft stated on March 8 that Bing search has reached the coveted milestone of 100 million daily active users thanks in large part to the millions of users who had signed up for the new Bing’s preview.
Users have speculated that OpenAI’s ChatGPT may one day contend with Google in the provision of search results. However, when GPT-4-powered Bing Chat was made available to the general public, linking OpenAI’s technology to the web, the stakes became significantly higher. This has raised questions about the potential future of search as well as how to make money from generative AI-based apps.

For its newest language model GPT-4, OpenAI has shifted to a paid model and is now charging users $20 per month for all the incredible features.

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