Tongyi Qianwen, a ChatGPT-like AI model from Alibaba, will compete with OpenAI, Microsoft Bing, and Google Bard.

Tongyi Qianwen New AI

The debut of Tongyi Qianwen, a new AI language model, by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd was announced. This model will soon be included into all of the company’s business apps. Similar to GPT, Tongyi Qianwen is a sizable language model that will initially appear in DingTalk, Alibaba’s internal messaging service. According to the manufacturer, it can be used to send emails, prepare business proposals, and summarise meeting notes.

The voice assistant Tmall Genie, developed by Alibaba, will also get the language model. Tongyi Qianwen will also be made available to Alibaba Cloud’s clients so they may create their own unique large language models, the company said in a statement.

Tongyi Qianwen is based on Tongyi, an architecture for pre-trained models that Alibaba owns and uses to combine different AI models. Alibaba’s decision to include an AI model for language into its commercial apps is a sign of how crucial artificial intelligence is becoming to modern business practises. Alibaba hopes to compete with US rivals like OpenAI, Microsoft Bing a chatbot, and even Google Bard using Tongyi Qianwen.

Alibaba was said to be creating a ChatGPT competitor in February of this year. According to the corporation, work on the new large language-learning AI began in 2017 and has been tested privately prior to going live.

Amazon versus Baidu

Tongyi Qianwen of Alibaba will be able to communicate in both Chinese and English. The business is the second Chinese startup to launch its own variation of ChatGPT-like large language model. The Ernie chatbot from Baidu has also been released.

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