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Only those with sufficient funds can convert Twitter into a blog with a 10,000 character limit.

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Twitter can be transformed into a blog with a 10,000 character character restriction, but only those with sufficient cash can do so.

  • To put it briefly, Twitter will allow its users to post tweets with a 10,000 character limit.
  • Users of Twitter will also be able to bold and italicise their text.
  • Additionally, Twitter recently expanded its Blue membership service to a number of nations, including Indonesia, Brazil, and India.

Elon Musk is exerting every effort to persuade customers to subscribe. Users of Twitter have long complained that there isn’t enough room for writing. However, Twitter Blue subscribers have the option to convert their postings into whole blogs with a 10,000 character limit. Although you’ll have a lot of room to express yourself, it’s unclear how readers would read such lengthy posts on a microblogging platform.

“We’re improving the writing and reading experience on Twitter!” said a post on Twitter’s official account announcing the new feature. Twitter now permits Tweets with strong and italic text formatting up to 10,000 characters in length.Sign up for Twitter Blue to gain access to these new capabilities, and then submit an application to have your account enabled for subscriptions so you may get paid via Twitter. To apply now, select “Monetization” in the options menu.

Twitter users will be allowed to format their messages using bold and italics in addition to writing articles up to 10,000 characters in length.
If Twitter users choose to pay for the Twitter Blue membership plan, they will also be able to submit essays on the network and receive a verification badge next to their name.Users must verify their phone number and go through a verification process in order to receive this checkmark. Users who purchase a Blue subscription from Twitter will see fewer advertising and their tweets and replies will show up first in their followers’ feeds. Subscribers can also publish videos that are up to an hour long.

A “small change but a big move” for the firm, according to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, was the company’s decision to increase the character limit from 140 to 280 in 2017. In a message announcing the change, Twitter urged users to investigate the implications of the new limit.
Elon Musk previously made a hint that Twitter might eventually let long-form tweets up to 10,000 characters, and this most recent move is a huge increase over the previous restriction of 280 characters.

Additionally, Twitter recently expanded its Blue membership service to a number of nations, including Indonesia, Brazil, and India. The Blue service is currently accessible in 15 nations around the world, including the US, the UK, Canada, and Japan.

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