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Customers of T-Mobile will receive free MLB.TV until 2028

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Today, Major League Baseball and T-Mobile made the announcement that they will continue to work together until the year 2028, along with Little League Baseball and Softball and Minor League Baseball. That implies, among other things, that MLB.TV will continue to be offered without charge to T-Mobile users until 2028.

The freebie, which has a yearly value of $150, is a component of T-Mobile Tuesdays, a programme that offers customers savings on a variety of services like Apple TV+, MLS Season Pass, Netflix, and Apple TV.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert stated in a news statement that the company and Major League Baseball are starting a six-year journey to offer ground-breaking fan experiences. In addition to providing free MLB.TV to our customers, we are improving the game on and off the pitch to give fans across the nation even more options to enjoy the game we all love.

The agreement also includes continuous support of the T-Mobile Home Run Derby during All-Star Week in Seattle in July. Additionally, this season, during a few minor league games, Major League Baseball will keep testing its autonomous ball/strike system utilising a private 5G network from T-Mobile. According to the press release, “this will help ensure ultra-reliable, low latency communications as players and officials review, challenge, and analyse calls.”

T-Mobile also agreed to donate $4.5 million to the T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant program, which it claims “gives nearly 50,000 Little Leaguers the chance to play,” as well as the presenting sponsor of the Little League World Series.

Visit the T-Mobile Tuesdays website or app for additional information on the MLB deal and other T-Mobile Tuesdays deals.

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