Monday, May 29, 2023

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Enhancing Virtual-Reality Devices with 5G Technology

The improvement of virtual and augmented reality devices could be facilitated by 5G technology. These platforms are frequently touted as the future of internet platforms...

Designed specifically for notebooks, intel 14th gen meteor lake (4nm) CPUs will be available in q4 2023.

Intel has provided more information about its goals for the desktop and mobile PC sectors by outlining its consumer CPU roadmap for the next...

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Around 50 games will support NVIDIA DLSS 3 before AMD FSR 3 even debuts.

During GDC later this month, AMD is anticipated to introduce its FSR 3.0 upscaling technology. We're looking at a type of sophisticated...

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These are some of the nations where ChatGPT is not yet permitted.

Which nations have outlawed ChatGPT?Seven nations at the time of this writing have governments and ruling parties that have effectively outlawed ChatGPT. The list...

Customers of T-Mobile will receive free MLB.TV until 2028

Today, Major League Baseball and T-Mobile made the announcement that they will continue to work together until the year 2028, along with Little League...
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Describe Auto-GPT. How autonomous artificially intelligent agents are saturating the internet is shown here.

Thanks in large part to its incredibly straightforward design, ChatGPT has become a global phenomenon. It is merely an AI chatbot that can respond...

Tongyi Qianwen, a ChatGPT-like AI model from Alibaba, will compete with OpenAI, Microsoft Bing, and Google Bard.

The debut of Tongyi Qianwen, a new AI language model, by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd was announced. This model will soon be included into...
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The reason Google took so long to release its AI chatbot is discussed in Bard vs. ChatGPT by Sundar Pichai.

Pichai noted recent product launches, such as new features in Gmail and Google Documents, as proof that the firm is working swiftly to implement...

What are the latest 14th gen processors types?

Intel is one of the leading manufacturers of processors for laptops, desktops, servers and other devices. The company has been developing its CPU technology...
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A post by an artist imagining the Taj Mahal’s construction in the future will give you a glimpse into history.

It looks like a flawless pearl against a background of orange. British painter William Hodges was mesmerised by the Taj Mahal's grandeur when he...


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